New surgical instruments of mini-invasive surgery.

The current trend in the world is to minimize the patients therapeutic trauma, pain and post surgery recovery, and improve cosmetic results. Natural orifice cholecystectomy suggests surgery without leaving visible scars.


A new method

A modification to the approach: Umbiliscopic Cholecystectomy (UC)

We are introducing a new type of approach in surgery for gallbladder removal, along with the launch of new surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery, providing better cosmetic results than standard laparoscopic surgery.



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Interview with Dr. Jorge Petrone, by Startup Mannheim

The Argentine urologist Jorge Walter Petrone talks about his invention that simplifies surgical procedures – and why Mannheim’s Cubex41 was the perfect place for his startup company M.I.S. Devices.

Jorge, how good does a startup center need to be to persuade a scientist from Buenos Aires to come to Mannheim?

The startup center Cubex41 is like paradise to me! Right in the middle of the University Teaching Clinic, there is an excellent network with exciting start-ups for my work and an experimental operation theater that ranks among the best four in Europe. These are unbelievably favorable work conditions.

How did Mannheim catch your eye?

It all started in 2014 at the Medical Fair in Dusseldorf. My company WOM Surgical from Buenos Aires presented its prototype of a minimal-invasive surgical instrument at the Argentine fair booth. Here, an employee of the Mannheim Fraunhofer Institute approached me and asked if we wouldn’t be interested in producing this instrument here in Germany...

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About us

Wom Surgical’s main objective is the design and marketing of innovative surgical instruments along with their implementation techniques.

MD. Jorge Walter Petrone

Inventor of the surgical technique.

Urologist Physician, Department of General Surgery, Regional Hospital Concepción.

Héctor Rossi

Financial director


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